Construction Disputes

Construction litigation issues primarily relate to faulty construction, negligent design and defective materials utilized in residential or commercial projects.  Owners, developers and investors are entitled to a building that is constructed to meet their expectations.  Examples of construction defect claims include:

  • Failure to meet Building Code specifications
  • Failure to finish a construction job
  • Poor workmanship
  • Faulty drainage
  • Structural failure from design defects
  • Water intrusion, leaks and mold
  • Sub-standard materials


Statutes of Limitations come into play when dealing with filing a lawsuit for constructions defects.  If, upon reasonable inspection, the defect is patent, or apparent, California law imposes specific and much shorter time limits for filing a lawsuit than if the defect is latent or hidden.

An example of a patent construction defect would be noticing that a window is falling out or that the bedroom door won’t close properly.   These defects are obvious open to detection by any reasonable person making a visual inspection of the property.

Latent defects may not show up for many years and only become apparent over time.  An example of a latent or hidden defect could be a minute water leak in the plumbing that is hidden in the bathroom wall.  Over time, because of the leak mold begins to grow and after several years of this growth of mold you might one day accidently bump into the wall where the mold is growing and find that the wall is spongy.  Upon further investigation you find the mold.  Years have passed; what do you do? Was the plumbing part defective? Was the part not installed correctly? Should the leak have been noticed prior to sheet rock being installed?  Who is responsible? These are serious questions that require the services of experts in the field of construction defects.  With extensive experience in this field, the lawyers at The Deckard Law Firm have built a vast network of experts in all phases of construction who can be called upon to help you recover your damages.

Construction defects can present a health risk to you and your family and can seriously impact the value of your home or property. 

The construction defect lawyers of The Deckard Law Firm have represented countless parties to construction defect lawsuits as both plaintiff’s attorney and defense attorney.  The experience of serving clients on both sides of the issues gives our attorneys an insight as to what the other side’s strategy may be in prosecution/defending a case.  

Needless to say, time is of the essence once any construction defect is uncovered.

So Why Select The Deckard Law Firm?

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