At the Deckard Law Firm, we believe in client service, open communication and professional dedication. We are a Martindale Hubbell-rated legal practice that has earned an AV certification rating, which is the highest level of professional excellence. This is because we make client care our priority, and hold our professional reputation in high regard.

With our wide network of extremely qualified attorneys, with whom we associate for special projects, we are able to offer a broad array of service while maintaining our small firm atmosphere.

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The following six areas of law are the primary focus of our legal practice:

                                                                                   Legal Malpractice 

Legal malpractice issues are related to the misconduct of a legal professional. Malpractice claims cannot be brought against an attorney simply for losing a case. However, the following instances of misconduct can result in a malpractice suit:

  • Failure to file a case prior to the expiration of the statute of limitations
  • Compromising ethical standards (i.e., allowing personal gain to interfere with a client’s interests; engaging in illicit behaviors or relationships with a client or member of opposing counsel, etc.)
  • Failure to adequately prepare for and represent a client
  • Breaching attorney/client privilege

                                                                             Trust and Estate Litigation

Issues creating trust or estate litigation can arise when there is evidence that the last will and testament or trust of a loved one was inaccurate or insufficient due to any of the following:

  • Undue influence of another individual such as threats or duress
  • The state of mind of the deceased at the time the will was drafted and put into effect (i.e., impairment due to drugs, alcohol, pain or illness)
  • Fraudulent additions or omissions by forgery or misrepresentation
  • The competence, or lack of it, of the testator
  • The existence of another will


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                                                                                Commercial Litigation

Commercial litigation suits are related to the every day operations of business and include matters that range anywhere from contract disputes to the distribution of company assets, such as when an LLC or LLP is dissolved. The following examples are issues that can lead to commercial litigation:

  • Fraud or misrepresentation in statements made to you or published or broadcast about you, your company and/or your product that have damaging effects upon your business
  • Breach of contract or interference wit h contractual relationship, when an individual takes deliberate actions to prevent someone from fulfilling their obligations in accordance with the terms and conditions of a contract
  • Vicarious liability suits arise when an employer is made culpable for the deliberate or unintentional actions that employees have taken while “on the clock” or working as an agent or representative for the employer’s company.

                                                                          Civil Litigation and Mediation

Civil litigation and mediation  services are available to clients who are facing disputes in civil matters such as contracts, property, rental contracts and lease agreements. We provide counsel to clients before the courts and also offer the services of an experienced mediator, who can act as a neutral, third party and facilitate the achievement of an amicable agreement between the conflicting parties. Mediation proceedings are a time saving, cost effective alternative, and they allow for a more “hands on” approach for clients who are looking to participate in the settling of their contractual dilemmas.

                                                                               Employment Disputes

Workplace disputes arise in many ways: workplace conditions; discrimination in hiring, salary and benefits policies and/or promotion or termination practices; wage and hour disputes, involving one employee or a whole class of workers, and sexual harassment are among the most common.

Our experienced attorneys provide skilled representation for businesses and individuals. We practice in San Jose, Palo Alto, San Francisco, Oakland, Fremont, Santa Cruz, Monterey, Milpitas and the Central Valley from Redding to Modesto. The discussion on this web page is for informational purposes only and does not promise an outcome in any future case handled by the attorneys of The Deckard Law Firm.


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