Estate Dispute

An estate dispute may involve a will that is being contested. It could entail a challenge to a trust. Our attorneys have experience probate litigation and can provide advice, representation or mediation.

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Because of the experience our attorneys bring, they are prepared to handle any of the parties in an estate dispute:

  • Heirs whose inheritance is being challenged
  • Heirs who believe the executor or trustee is mismanaging the estate or trust
  • Parties who question the distribution of the estate
  • Executors or trustees who are being challenged
  • Parties seeking third party mediation; our attorneys are skilled, successful mediators.

Civil litigation of this type is a dedicated practice area of our firm. You would have the benefit of our years of fruitful handling of cases in court; as well as superb negotiating skills and respected mediating ability. Probate law is complex.  The successful resolution of an estate dispute will require deep knowledge of the law, which our attorneys provide.

On top of their adept understanding of probate litigation, the attorneys in our firm offer a dedication to respectful treatment of all parties in a dispute. We understand that these situations are fraught with tension between family members, and that what is said and done during this time of strife can change families forever. Cognizant of that, our goal is to use the force of the law, and not aggressive treatment, to protect a client’s rights and resolve their case. Put simply, the lawyers don’t need to breed hard feelings. It is not our way. We have a record of winning cases with hard work and good lawyering, and not with anger, accusation and recrimination. Call our office to discuss your circumstances and to receive an assessment of your legal options.

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We also practice probate litigation. Call us to mediate or to represent you in an estate dispute in San Jose, Palo Alto, San Francisco, Oakland, Fremont, Santa Cruz, Monterey, and Milpitas.


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