Trust Dispute

Trust Dispute may arise when an heir is not satisfied with the share of inheritance. There may be questions of the mental competence of the deceased when he or she planned distribution of the estate. An heir or heirs may believe that there was undue influence on the deceased as the estate was planned. There may be questions involving the management of the deceased’s estate or the accounting of the assets. Our law firm is prepared to handle challenges to:

  • Wills
  • Trusts
  • Estates

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The California probate code has 21,700 sections. To say that it can be complicated is to understate the complexity. Added to the depth of the laws governing it are the emotions that can surround it, as families deal with their grief at the loss of a loved one, while grappling with concerns about the distribution of the estate. Trust dispute requires the firm legal hand of our attorneys coupled with their genuine concern for clients who are going through a difficult time. Call now to meet with one of our attorneys to discuss your case.

California law requires that most estates of one hundred thousand dollars or greater be probated. The purpose of the process is to make certain that the debts of the deceased are paid, and that any remaining property and assets be distributed. Probate is supervised by the court and it is designed to accomplish the intent of the deceased. Trust disputes arise, as people question whether that intent is being served.

There are numerous reasons why heirs and other interested parties choose to pursue Trust dispute. Some of them include:

  • Dissatisfaction with the share of the estate
  • Questions of the mental competence of the deceased
  • Misconduct by Trustee
  • Concerns about how the estate was managed
  • Fraud or other financial issues
  • Evidence of mistakes
  • Questions about the size of the estate

Trust dispute will very likely require many months. It is a legal proceeding that can be intensely personal. The attorney in whom you place your trust to handle this matter for you is an important consideration. This type of legal action can change family dynamics forever. When handling these cases, we make a special effort to take into account all aspects, both legal and personal, and to find a solution that is considered fair.  While we never promise the outcome of a case, we always work hard for our clients to obtain the best possible result.

Trust dispute exists in order to facilitate the wishes of the deceased, or to determine that there were discrepancies which negate the will, trust or other estate planning documentation. We don’t expect you to fully understand probate laws – or to have determined your legal standing – in order to schedule a discussion with one of our attorneys. We are the lawyers – you may know or feel that “something isn’t right”. Or, you may be an heir and your inheritance is being challenged. In either instance, good legal advice can be essential to the situation. Call our firm today to set up a discussion of your circumstances.

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