Attorney Negligence

Representing people harmed by attorney negligence has been a primary focus of Attorney Diane C. Deckard for two decades. In the years previous, she honed her understanding of how to pursue these kinds of cases by representing professionals such as accountants, lawyers and financial planners involved in negligence cases. She draws upon this perspective to provide highly skilled representation for people who feel that their lawyer provided sub-standard legal services. Our firm is further strengthened by Attorney Lynn Toma, who brings many years of experience representing plaintiffs in legal malpractice cases.

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In any situation in which a professional is suspected of negligence, the law considers what is called a “standard of care”. The simple definition of this is: The standard of care consists of the actions a reasonable professional would take in the same situation. So, in cases of attorney negligence, the lawyer representing you will seek evidence that you were not provided the standard of legal care you were entitled to.

  • Some people believe that “going up against a lawyer” puts them at a disadvantage. In fact, we believe that the law is on the side of the person who genuinely suffered attorney negligence. Our legal profession sets high standards. Our industry does not “circle the wagons” to protect one of its own who is accused of negligent legal service. Quite the contrary.
  • These kinds of allegations reflect badly on our profession, and we believe that attorneys have an obligation to do nothing that reflects poorly on the legal profession. In fact, the attorney code of ethics requires that an attorney never act in a way that will harm the public perception of other lawyers, and attorney negligence certainly would.

You will find our law firm to be advocates for justice. Many of us become lawyers because we want to participate in a system that enables us to bring justice to people who have been wronged, and to hold those who were wrong accountable.

  • When you come to us for an assessment of your case, you will find that we spend time with you, in order to connect on a direct, personal level. It is understandable that no one is happy about “losing their case”. Our role in the beginning of our relationship is to come to understand how you believe you experienced attorney negligence – to separate emotion from fact.
  • If you choose us to move forward on your case, you will find us to be extremely client-oriented. We will help you weigh the strengths and weaknesses, and give our honest, best advice. We implement our experience by gathering evidence, conducting research, applying the law, and then arguing a case. No reputable attorney will ever guarantee or promise the outcome of a case.

Call us today to arrange a consultation. We are prepared to handle cases of attorney negligence involving substandard legal advice or practices; financial or fee disputes; conflict of interest; violation of confidentiality; fraud or any other breach of the standard of care.

Attorney negligence / legal malpractice is a practice area of our law firm
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We are available to represent clients alleging attorney negligence in San Jose, Palo Alto, San Francisco, Oakland, Fremont, Santa Cruz, Monterey, and Milpitas. The discussion on this web page is for informational purposes only and does not promise an outcome in any future case handled by The Deckard Law Firm.


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