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You have found a San Jose CA legal malpractice firm with the depth of experience required to expertly handle such cases. If you feel the services of your attorney have been substandard, and that you have been harmed by it, contact our office today.

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As you may have already discovered, there are not a large number of law firms in the Bay Area with attorneys who are experienced in this kind of civil action. The lawyers in our firm bring decades of experience and are prepared to handle San Jose CA legal malpractice claims. Our attorneys have represented people who have been harmed, and they have also seen these cases from the other side, representing both attorneys and their insurance companies in these kinds of claims. They will draw upon this well-rounded background if you have a case and choose our firm to handle it.

Clients who believe that they have been harmed by an attorney’s failure to uphold professional standards have the right to seek recourse in the justice system. A San Jose CA legal malpractice lawsuit would seek damages for the harm resulting from the attorney’s error.

Here are some of the several areas of possible legal malpractice:

  • Unethical or incompetent representation
  • Negligent errors
  • Failure to possess the legal skill and knowledge that is held by members of the profession
  • Breach of attorney/client privilege
  • Failure to provide detailed and accurate accounting for all money handled
  • Fee disputes
  • Failure to communicate to the client the realities of a legal situation

The legal profession operates under a code of ethics that most attorneys value and adhere to. We believe that a lawyer has the duty to be honest, to act in good faith, to be fair and to always conduct oneself with integrity. If you believe your lawyer has not, call our office.

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Call us to determine if can represent you in a case of San Jose CA legal malpractice as well as in Palo Alto, San Francisco, Oakland, Fremont, Santa Cruz, Monterey, and Milpitas. The discussion on this web page is for informational purposes only and does not promise an outcome of any future case handled by the Deckard Law Firm.


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